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LED High Mast Light U S baseball stadium case

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Hishine Group Limited | Corporate Relocation Ceremony | Lighting

Hishine Group Limited and the housewarming ceremony on April 21, 2021. Facing the new working environment, all HISHINE employees will stand at a new starting point and embark on a new journey with a new look and attitude! At the same time, we will adhere to the "customer first" service concept, provide high-quality LED lighting products, more efficient and professional office services, create a new office experience, and realize new endowment of corporate value.

40,000 square LED lighting manufacturing factory | Support ODM OEM

40,000 square LED lighting manufacturing factory | Support ODM OEM 12.28 at noon on January 27, 2021 is a very important day. Amidst the lively and festive salute, a historic moment of special significance has ushered in-the first phase of the project settled in the company: Customized Plant of Hishine Group Limited has a golden crown.   Witness that Hishine Group Limited is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, sales and manufacturing of one-stop LED lighting series. Focus on high-quality LED stadium lights , LED high mast lights , LED street lights , LED grow lights , LED high bay lights and other high-power products.   Hetang Town Party Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Li Guozhu, Hetang Town Economic Development Office, Investment Promotion Office, Town Construction Office, Town Housing Construction Office, Town Safety Supervision Office, Kangxi Village Secretary, business representatives, bank representatives and other guests gathered together, Pe

China led stadium lights manufacturer's top ten-HISHINE Blog

China led stadium lights manufacturer's top ten-HISHINE Blog With the development of modern technology, why should we choose LED stadium lights manufacturer? What benefits can LED stadium light manufacturers bring? What are the advantages of LED stadium light manufacturers? This article will take you to understand why choosing a good LED stadium light manufacturer can bring continuous benefits,   Let's first understand what conditions a qualified lighting manufacturer needs:       Why is HISHIEN one of the top ten LED stadium lights manufacturers and suppliers in China?       HISHINE Group Limited Development History   Hishine Group Limited is a high-tech enterprise established in 2005. We have two branches, one is Huaibei Ruite Technology Co., Ltd. and the other is Hishine Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. We focus on high-quality LED stadium lights , such as LED sports lights , LED sports lights, LED parking lot lights, LED street lights, LED garden lights,

The new efficient LED stadium lights illuminated 70% PE 2021, 2025 will grow 90% - HISHINE Lighting

Replacing traditional HID sports lighting with  LED stadium lights  is very important to save lighting and maintenance costs United States, December 29, 2020/PRNewswire/-According to LED supplier  HISHINE Lighting , LED lighting has already occupied the residential lighting field and is now expected to take over very high-output stadium and stage lighting. A study by Research and Markets pointed out that “the stadium lighting market is expected to grow by nearly US$600 million by 2025 to reach US$1.5222 billion.” Chino Wong, CEO of HISHINE Lighting, further said: “Despite the strong growth of 77% of the US dollar, The lower price point of each lamp may be equivalent to a unit volume increase of more than 65%." The driving factor for adoption is cost per lumen. Lumen measures light, while traditional watt measurements use only power. The increase in cost per lumen is driven by more efficient LEDs and cheaper lamps. LEDs in large outdoor lamps have dropped from an average power of 8

Provide the most professional stadium lighting solutions-LED sports light manufacturer-HISHINE Lighting

Provide the most professional stadium lighting solutions-LED sports light manufacturer-HISHINE Lighting What is LED sports lighting? How to light up the sports playground lighting? Why is it best to buy stadium lighting directly from the manufacturer? Why use LED instead of halogen lamp, HPS, LPS, metal halide lamp? How much electricity do I need to modify the stadium floodlights? Can I get lighting suggestions for my sports lighting project?   We understand that end users always choose the best lighting solution, that is, high-quality lighting and affordable prices. In order to help you secure your bid for LE D sports lighting , we provide the highest standards of luminosity lighting design for football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, football fields, and volleyball courts. Please choose the most suitable product for your project.   Price is another major issue. From the perspective of the electrical contractor, if you buy LED lights from a sports floodlight man

Greet 2021 - Happy New Year - HISHINE LIGHTING

2021 Happy New Year is coming. HISHINE wishes everyone here: Happy New Year! I wish you good health in the new year! Working smoothly! Happy life! The best lighting manufacturer: #happynewyear   #happynewyear2020   #newsyearcelebrations   #ledstadiumlight   #ledfootballlight   #ledgolfcourselight   #ledrugbyfieldlight